Virtual Assistant Services

Do any of these statements apply to you?

You keep looking at your long list of "things to do" wondering if you'll ever get back to working "ON" your business instead of "IN" your business?

You feel the need to hire someone but don't have the budget for a full time employee and all that comes with it such as vacations, benefits and payroll.

You know you need the help but cringe at the thought of having to train someone to do all the things you need them to do for your business. The training time alone makes you feel like you might as well do it yourself.

If they do, then this is your lucky day!

Having been a solopreneur and small business owner myself for many years, I understand all of the above statements and have often contemplated them as well. Mostly, I understand the need to have someone you trust represent your business in the way that you would yourself.

Even when hiring an outsider, you want them to feel and behave as if they've been an insider since the first day you opened your doors. 

You want someone, with not only the experience and skills for the tasks but also someone who will be independant, a go-getter, a problem solver and someone who's efforts help you grow your business. Someone who focuses on value, not dollars. 

Let me be that someone for your business...


I have spent the last 30 years working for Blue Chip companies in high level positions. I have experience in floorplan equipment financing,financial credit analysis, business development, product development, project management, digital marketing and web. It makes for a very complete knowledge base for solopreneurs and small business owners to pick from. I also ran my own digital agency for over 20 years helping my clients achieve success in their business.

Since Covid-19 entered our lives in early 2020, most businesses have had to readjust and repurpose their initial vision of their business in order to survive the unforeseen and uncertainty of the future.

I was no different. I experienced a major shift in my business that lead me to review, reflect and remind myself how important it was to "help others". For me, the experience really made me realize what purpose I wanted to have in this lifetime and what I wanted my contribution to others to be.

So, I have decided to simplify my business, diversify my service offering and develop projects that really pulled at my heart strings. It is so important to have passion for what we do and what we share.

So, if you click on the "Click here to see how I can help..." button below, it will take you to a page where I have made an inventory of all of my skills, knowledge and tools I have learned during my fruitful career. If any of these are what you need help with, just send me an email and we'll get started.

Simple, fast and effective.


Pricing Packages

I like to keep things really simple. All pricing packages include a FREE 30 minute consultation so that we can discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit. We come up with a plan, you choose the package below that best suits your needs and budget and we get started. All packages must be prepaid prior to the start date. 

Image by Halacious


Perfect for a trial run

30 min FREE Consultation

50/hr rate

20 hour min package




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Customized for each client's preference monthly task list

30 min FREE Consultation

50/hr rate

40 hour min monthly package

Weekly reporting




Artist Painting a Mural


Quoted per project

30 min FREE Consultation

Project will be analysed in detail and a complete quote of time and budget will be provided to the client for review and approval. 50% deposit required.